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Cuckoo is a comedy series broadcast on BBC THREE. Suburban parents Ken and Lorna are looking forward to the return of their daughter, Rachel from her gap year. Rachel ends up bringing back with her an unexpected souvenir when she introduces her new husband, Cuckoo.

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: September 25, 2012

Status: Running

Network: BBC THREE (UK) (IMDb, Official BBC Page)

Casts: Taylor Lautner, Andy Samberg, Kenneth Collard, Selina Griffiths, Tyger Drew-Honey, Helen Baxendale, Esther Smith, Greg Davies

Most recent episode: Cuckoo Season 5 Episode 2 - Ivy Nanny ( 1/4/2019 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
52Ivy NannyJan-04-201902 years
1Ivy ArrivesJan-04-201902 years
46Opening NightAug-02-201802 years
5WalkaboutAug-02-201802 years
4TrappedAug-02-201802 years
3Ken's New FriendAug-02-201802 years
2The LicenseAug-02-201802 years
1Lawyer of the YearAug-02-201802 years
37The HolidayMar-28-201602 years
6Sid's Big DayMar-21-201602 years
5University ChallengedMar-14-201602 years
4Life of DaleMar-07-201602 years
3Mums GroupFeb-29-201602 years
2The ApplicationFeb-22-201602 years
1BirthFeb-15-201602 years
27[no episode title yet]Dec-24-201403 years
6[no episode title yet]Sep-11-201402 years
5[no episode title yet]Sep-04-201402 years
4[no episode title yet]Aug-28-201402 years
3[no episode title yet]Aug-21-201402 years
2[no episode title yet]Aug-14-201402 years
1[no episode title yet]Aug-07-201402 years
16[no episode title yet]Oct-30-201212 years
5[no episode title yet]Oct-23-201222 years
4[no episode title yet]Oct-16-201222 years
3[no episode title yet]Oct-09-201222 years
2[no episode title yet]Oct-02-201222 years
1[no episode title yet]Sep-25-201252 weeks
02Series 1 & 2 RecapFeb-02-201603 years
1Christmas SpecialDec-24-201403 years

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