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Britain's Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent (aka BGT or Got Talent) is a British television talent show competition which started in June 2007 and originated from the Got Talent series. Known judges of the show are Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon (2012-), David Walliams (2012-), Piers Morgan (2007-2010), Michael McIntyre(2011), and David Hasselhoff (2011).

Genre: Talent, Reality

Release Date: June 9, 2007

Status: Running

Network: ITV (ITV, IMDb)

Casts: Stephen Mulhern

Most recent episode: Britain's Got Talent Season 16 Episode 14 - Final ( 6/4/2023 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
1614FinalJun-04-2023274 months
13Live Semi-Final 5Jun-02-2023194 months
12Live Semi-Final 4Jun-01-2023334 months
11Live Semi-Final 3May-31-2023244 months
10Live Semi-Final 2May-30-2023224 months
9Live Semi-Final 1May-29-2023184 months
8Auditions 8May-27-2023174 months
7Auditions 7May-20-2023194 months
6Auditions 6May-14-2023175 months
5Auditions 5May-06-2023135 months
4Auditions 4Apr-29-2023204 months
3Auditions 3Apr-22-2023165 months
2Auditions 2Apr-16-2023235 months
1Auditions 1Apr-15-2023165 months
1514FinalJun-05-2022141 year
13Live Semi-Final 5Jun-03-2022111 year
12Live Semi-Final 4Jun-02-202251 year
11Live Semi-Final 3Jun-01-202281 year
10Live Semi-Final 2May-31-202281 year
9Live Semi-Final 1May-30-2022131 year
8Auditions 8May-28-2022101 year
7Auditions 7May-21-202251 year
5Auditions 5May-07-202221 year
4Auditions 4Apr-30-202281 year
3Auditions 3Apr-23-202271 year
2Auditions 2Apr-17-2022111 year
1Auditions 1Apr-16-2022111 week
1415FinalOct-10-202001 year
14Semi Final 5Oct-03-202014 months
13Semi Final 4Sep-26-202001 year
12Semi Final 3Sep-19-202001 year
11Semi Final 2Sep-12-202001 year
10Semi Final 1Sep-05-202014 months
9The Finalists RevealedAug-30-202014 months
8Auditions 8May-30-202001 year
7Auditions 7May-23-202014 months
6Auditions 6May-16-202014 months
5Auditions 5May-09-202002 years
4Auditions 4May-02-202014 months
3Auditions 3Apr-25-202002 years
2Auditions 2Apr-18-202014 months
1Auditions 1Apr-11-202002 years
1319Live FinalJun-02-201912 years
18Live Semi-Final 5 - ResultsMay-31-201912 years
17Live Semi-Final 5May-31-201912 years
16Live Semi-Final 4 - ResultsMay-30-201914 years
15Live Semi-Final 4May-30-201922 years
14Live Semi-Final 3 - ResultsMay-29-201912 years
13Live Semi-Final 3May-29-201912 years
12Live Semi-Final 2 - ResultsMay-28-201912 years
11Live Semi-Final 2May-28-201912 years
10Live Semi-Final 1 - ResultsMay-27-201914 years
9Live Semi-Final 1May-27-201912 years
8Auditions 8May-25-201922 years
7Auditions 7May-18-201912 years
6Auditions 6May-11-201914 years
5Auditions 5May-04-201912 years
4Auditions 4Apr-27-201902 years
3Auditions 3Apr-20-201904 years
2Auditions 2Apr-13-201902 years
1Auditions 1Apr-06-201904 years
1218Live FinalJun-03-201802 years
17Live Semi-Final 5 - ResultsJun-01-201802 years
16Live Semi-Final 5Jun-01-201802 years
15Live Semi-Final 4 - ResultsMay-31-201802 years
14Live Semi-Final 4May-31-201802 years
13Live Semi-Final 3 - ResultsMay-30-201802 years
12Live Semi-Final 3May-30-201802 years
11Live Semi-Final 2 - ResultsMay-29-201802 years
10Live Semi-Final 2May-29-201802 years
9Live Semi-Final 1 - ResultsMay-28-201802 years
8Live Semi-Final 1May-28-201812 years
7Auditions 7May-26-201812 years
6Auditions 6May-19-201812 years
5Auditions 5May-12-201812 years
4Auditions 4May-05-201802 years
3Auditions 3Apr-28-201802 years
2Auditions 2Apr-21-201802 years
1Auditions 1Apr-14-201802 years
1118FinalJun-03-201702 years
17Semi Final 5 - ResultsJun-02-201702 years
16Semi Final 5Jun-02-201702 years
15Semi Final 4 - ResultsJun-01-201702 years
14Semi Final 4Jun-01-201702 years
13Semi Final 3 - ResultsMay-31-201702 years
12Semi Final 3May-31-201702 years
11Semi Final 2 - ResultsMay-30-201702 years
10Semi Final 2May-30-201702 years
9Semi Final 1 - ResultsMay-29-201702 years
8Semi Final 1May-29-201702 years
7Auditions 7May-27-201702 years
6Auditions 6May-20-201703 years
5Auditions 5May-13-201702 years
4Auditions 4May-06-201702 years
3Auditions 3Apr-29-201702 years
2Auditions 2Apr-22-201702 years
1Auditions 1Apr-15-201702 years
1018Grand Final 2016May-28-201603 years
17Live Show 5 ResultsMay-26-201603 years
16Live Show 5May-26-201603 years
15Live Show 4 ResultsMay-25-201603 years
14Live Show 4May-25-201603 years
13Live Show 3 ResultsMay-24-201603 years
12Live Show 3May-24-201603 years
11Live Show 2 ResultsMay-23-201603 years
10Live Show 2May-23-201603 years
9Live Show 1 ResultsMay-22-201603 years
8Live Show 1May-22-201603 years
7Auditions 7May-21-201603 years
6Auditions 6May-14-201603 years
5Auditions 5May-07-201603 years
4Auditions 4Apr-30-201603 years
3Auditions 3Apr-23-201603 years
2Auditions 2Apr-16-201603 years
1Auditions 1Apr-09-201603 years
918Series 9, The FinalMay-31-201503 years
17Series 9, Semi Final 5 (Result)May-29-201503 years
16Series 9, Semi Final 5May-29-201503 years
15Series 9, Semi Final 4 (Result)May-28-201503 years
14Series 9, Semi Final 4May-28-201503 years
13Series 9, Semi Final 3 (Result)May-27-201503 years
12Series 9, Semi Final 3May-27-201533 years
11Series 9, Semi Final 2 (Result)May-26-201583 years
10Series 9, Semi Final 2May-26-201553 years
9Series 9, Semi Final 1 (Result)May-25-201543 years
8Series 9, Semi Final 1May-25-201543 years
7Series 9, Auditions 7May-23-201503 years
6Series 9, Auditions 6May-16-201503 years
5Series 9, Auditions 5May-09-201503 years
4Series 9, Auditions 4May-02-201503 years
3Series 9, Auditions 3Apr-25-201503 years
2Series 9, Auditions 2Apr-18-201503 years
1Series 9, Auditions 1Apr-11-201503 years
820David's Top Ten MomentsApr-09-201503 years
19Alesha's Top Ten MomentsApr-07-201503 years
18Series 8, The FinalJun-07-201403 years
17Series 8, Semi Finals 5 (Result)May-31-201403 years
16Series 8, Semi Finals 5May-31-201403 years
15Series 8, Semi Finals 4 (Result)May-29-201403 years
14Series 8, Semi Finals 4May-29-201403 years
13Series 8, Semi Finals 3 (Result)May-28-201403 years
12Series 8, Semi Finals 3May-28-201403 years
11Series 8, Semi Finals 2 (Result)May-27-201403 years
10Series 8, Semi Finals 2May-27-201403 years
9Series 8, Semi Finals 1 (Result)May-26-201403 years
8Series 8, Semi Finals 1May-26-201403 years
7Series 8, Auditions 7May-25-201403 years
6Series 8, Auditions 6May-17-201403 years
5Series 8, Auditions 5May-10-201403 years
4Series 8, Auditions 4May-03-201403 years
3Series 8, Auditions 3Apr-26-201403 years
2Series 8, Auditions 2Apr-19-201403 years
1Series 8, Auditions 1Apr-12-201403 years
718Series 7, The FinalJun-08-201303 years
17Series 7, Semi Finals 5 (Results)Jun-01-201303 years
16Series 7, Semi Finals 5Jun-01-201303 years
15Series 7, Semi Finals 4 (Results)May-31-201303 years
14Series 7, Semi Finals 4May-31-201303 years
13Series 7, Semi Finals 3 (Results)May-30-201303 years
12Series 7, Semi Finals 3May-30-201303 years
11Series 7, Semi Finals 2 (Results)May-28-201303 years
10Series 7, Semi Finals 2May-28-201303 years
9Series 7, Semi Finals 1 (Result)May-27-201303 years
8Series 7, Semi Finals 1May-27-201303 years
7Series 7, Auditions 7May-26-201303 years
6Series 7, Auditions 6May-18-201303 years
5Series 7, Auditions 5May-11-201303 years
4Series 7, Auditions 4May-04-201303 years
3Series 7, Auditions 3Apr-27-201303 years
2Series 7, Auditions 2Apr-20-201303 years
1Series 7, Auditions 1Apr-13-201303 years
617Series 6, The FinalMay-12-201213 years
16Series 6, Semi Finals 5 (Results)May-10-201203 years
15Series 6, Semi Finals 5May-10-201203 years
14Series 6, Semi Finals 4 (Results)May-09-201213 years
13Series 6, Semi Finals 4May-09-201223 years
12Series 6, Semi Finals 3 (Results)May-08-201203 years
11Series 6, Semi Finals 3May-08-201213 years
10Series 6, Semi Finals 2 (Results)May-07-201213 years
9Series 6, Semi Finals 2May-07-201213 years
8Series 6, Semi Finals 1May-06-201213 years
7Series 6, Auditions 7May-05-201203 years
6Series 6, Auditions 6Apr-28-201223 years
5Series 6, Auditions 5Apr-21-201223 years
4Series 6, Auditions 4Apr-14-201233 years
3Series 6, Auditions 3Apr-07-201213 years
2Series 6, Auditions 2Mar-31-201223 years
1Series 6, Auditions 1Mar-24-201213 years
519Series 5, The Final (Results)Jun-04-201103 years
18Series 5, The FinalJun-04-201103 years
17Series 5, Semi Finals 5 (Results)Jun-03-201103 years
16Series 5, Semi Finals 5Jun-03-201103 years
15Series 5, Semi Finals 4 (Results)Jun-02-201103 years
14Series 5, Semi Finals 4Jun-02-201103 years
13Series 5, Semi Finals 3 (Results)Jun-01-201103 years
12Series 5, Semi Finals 3Jun-01-201103 years
11Series 5, Semi Finals 2 (Results)May-31-201103 years
10Series 5, Semi Finals 2May-31-201103 years
9Series 5, Semi Finals 1 (Results)May-30-201103 years
8Series 5, Semi Finals 1May-30-201103 years
7Series 5, Auditions 7May-29-201103 years
6Series 5, Auditions 6May-21-201103 years
5Series 5, Auditions 5May-14-201103 years
4Series 5, Auditions 4May-07-201103 years
3Series 5, Auditions 3Apr-30-201103 years
2Series 5, Auditions 2Apr-23-201103 years
1Series 5, Auditions 1Apr-16-201103 years
418Series 4, The FinalJun-05-201003 years
17Series 4, Semi Finals 5 (Results)Jun-04-201003 years
16Series 4, Semi Finals 5Jun-04-201003 years
15Series 4, Semi Finals 4 (Results)Jun-03-201003 years
14Series 4, Semi Finals 4Jun-03-201003 years
13Series 4, Semi Finals 3 (Results)Jun-02-201003 years
12Series 4, Semi Finals 3Jun-02-201003 years
11Series 4, Semi Finals 2 (Results)Jun-01-201003 years
10Series 4, Semi Finals 2Jun-01-201003 years
9Series 4, Semi Finals 1 (Results)May-31-201003 years
8Series 4, Semi Finals 1May-31-201003 years
7Series 4, Auditions 7May-29-201003 years
6Series 4, Auditions 6May-23-201003 years
5Series 4, Auditions 5May-15-201003 years
4Series 4, Auditions 4May-08-201003 years
3Series 4, Auditions 3May-01-201003 years
2Series 4, Auditions 2Apr-24-201003 years
1Series 4, Auditions 1Apr-17-201003 years
316Best & Worst (3)Jun-03-200903 years
15Best & Worst (2)Jun-02-200903 years
14Series 3, The Final (Results)May-30-200902 years
13Series 3, The FinalMay-30-200902 years
12Series 3, Semi Finals 5May-29-200902 years
11Series 3, Semi Finals 4May-28-200902 years
10Series 3, Semi Finals 3May-26-200902 years
9Series 3, Semi Finals 2May-25-200902 years
8Series 3, Semi Finals 1May-24-200914 months
7Series 3, Auditions 7May-23-200902 years
6Series 3, Auditions 6May-16-200902 years
5Series 3, Auditions 5May-09-200902 years
4Series 3, Auditions 4May-02-200902 years
3Series 3, Auditions 3Apr-25-200902 years
2Series 3, Auditions 2Apr-18-200902 years
1Series 3, Auditions 1Apr-11-200902 years
217Best & Worst (3)Jun-05-200803 years
16Best & Worst (2)Jun-04-200803 years
15Best & Worst (1)Jun-03-200803 years
14Series 2, The Final (Results)May-31-200802 years
13Series 2, The FinalMay-31-200802 years
12Series 2, Semi Finals 5May-30-200802 years
11Series 2, Semi Finals 4May-29-200802 years
10Series 2, Semi Finals 3May-28-200802 years
9Series 2, Semi Finals 2May-27-200803 years
8Series 2, Semi Finals 1May-26-200802 years
7Series 2, Auditions 7May-24-200802 years
6Series 2, Auditions 6May-17-200802 years
5Series 2, Auditions 5May-10-200802 years
4Series 2, Auditions 4May-03-200814 months
3Series 2, Auditions 3Apr-26-200802 years
2Series 2, Auditions 2Apr-19-200802 years
1Series 2, Auditions 1Apr-12-200802 years
110Series 1, The Final (Results)Jun-17-200702 years
9Series 1, The FinalJun-17-200702 years
8Series 1, Semi Finals 3Jun-16-200712 years
7Series 1, Semi Finals 2Jun-15-200712 years
6Series 1, Semi Finals 1Jun-14-200702 years
5Series 1, Auditions 5Jun-13-200702 years
4Series 1, Auditions 4Jun-12-200702 years
3Series 1, Auditions 3Jun-11-200702 years
2Series 1, Auditions 2Jun-10-200702 years
1Series 1, Auditions 1Jun-09-200702 years
010Top Ten Moments: Stephen's Top 10 Crown Jewels Mar-31-201903 years
9Top Ten Moments: Top 10 Comedy CorkersMar-24-201903 years
8Top Ten Moments: Top 10 Astonishing ActsMar-17-201903 years
7Top Ten Moments: Top 10 Stand Out StarsMar-10-201903 years
6Top Ten Moments: Stephen's Unsung HeroesMar-25-201803 years
5Top Ten Moments: Top 10 Dare DevilsApr-14-201703 years
4Top Ten Moments: Stephen's Top 10 Unbelievable Talents Apr-08-201703 years
3Top Ten Moments: Top 10 Child StarsApr-01-201703 years
2Top Ten Moments: Our Top Ten Ant And Dec MomentsMar-25-201703 years
1Susan Boyle - I Dreamed a DreamDec-13-200903 years

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