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Beat Shazam

Beat Shazam is a new interactive musical game show, based on the popular Shazam app. This competition show features teams who attempt to identify a song, Fox entertainment president David Madden said. The winning team then has to compete with Shazam for the top prize.

Genre: Music

Release Date: May 25, 2017

Status: Running

Network: FOX (Official Website)

Casts: Jamie Foxx

Most recent episode: Beat Shazam Season 6 Episode 12 - Battle of the Ages! ( 9/19/2023 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
612Battle of the Ages!Sep-19-2023142 weeks
11This One's Got It All!Sep-05-2023233 weeks
10Besties All Around!Aug-29-2023244 weeks
9Hip Hop or Country?Aug-22-2023301 month
8Let's Get Busy!Aug-15-2023291 month
7From Worst to First!Aug-01-2023302 months
6Can Mama Make a Million?Jul-18-2023162 months
5Did She Say Nuns?!?!Jun-20-2023153 months
4Father's Day Face Off!Jun-13-2023222 months
3Sibling Smackdown!Jun-06-2023312 months
2Schoolhouse Rock!May-30-2023292 months
1It's A Family AffairMay-23-2023192 months
512Shake Your Pom Poms!Sep-05-202282 weeks
11You're My Best FriendAug-29-202292 weeks
10Who's Gonna Get That Money?Aug-22-2022112 weeks
9Schoolhouse Rock!Aug-08-202292 weeks
8Who Ya Gonna Call?Aug-01-202262 weeks
7It's a Family Affair!Jul-18-202212 weeks
6Million-Dollar Mommies!Jun-27-202282 weeks
5We Got a Barn-Burner!Jun-20-202282 weeks
4Daddy-Daughter TimeJun-13-2022102 weeks
3Did She Just Do the Splits?!?!?Jun-06-2022132 weeks
2Holding Out for a Hero!May-30-2022112 weeks
1Friends, Family, and Trash!May-23-202242 weeks
410Battle for Beyonce!Aug-19-202132 months
9Our Most Shocking Show Ever!Aug-18-202142 months
8All About The Abs, Butt and Thighs!Jul-22-202122 months
7Grandma's Got Game!Jul-15-202112 months
6Two Million Dollar Challenge!Jul-08-202122 months
5Going For The Gold!Jul-01-202132 years
4Teachers Edition!Jun-24-202132 years
3Daddy Daughter TimeJun-17-202122 months
2Beat Shazam Celebrity Challenge!Jun-10-202142 months
1Everybody Dance Now!Jun-03-202102 years
313Air...Sea…HawaiiAug-19-201912 years
12It's All Riding on Rihanna!Aug-12-201904 years
11Besties and Big BrosAug-05-201902 years
10Southern Fried Shazam!Jul-29-201904 years
9A Game of One WordJul-22-201902 years
8Lovers, Friends and Flossers!Jul-15-201912 years
7Playing for the Million…Again!Jul-08-201904 years
6Our Most Dominant Team Ever!Jun-24-201912 years
5#DaddydaughtertimeJun-17-201914 years
4Bi-Coastal Battle RoyaleJun-10-201914 years
3Beauty and the BeatsJun-03-201914 years
2Keep the Faith!May-27-201914 years
1Teachers Win Big!May-20-201912 years
214Episode 14Sep-18-201803 years
13Episode 13Sep-11-201813 years
12Episode 12Sep-04-201803 years
11Episode 11Aug-21-201802 years
10Episode 10Aug-14-201802 years
9Episode 9Aug-07-201803 years
8Episode 8Jul-31-201803 years
7Episode 7Jul-24-201802 years
6Episode 6Jul-10-201803 years
5Episode 5Jun-26-201802 years
4Episode 4Jun-19-201802 years
3Episode 3Jun-12-201803 years
2Episode 2Jun-05-201803 years
1Episode 1May-29-201803 years
114Episode 14Sep-14-201712 weeks
13Episode 13Sep-07-201712 weeks
12Episode 12Aug-24-201712 weeks
11Episode 11Aug-17-201712 weeks
10Episode 10Aug-10-201712 weeks
9Episode 9Aug-03-201712 weeks
8Episode 8Jul-27-201712 weeks
7Episode 7Jul-20-201712 weeks
6Episode 6Jul-13-201712 weeks
5Episode 5Jun-29-201712 weeks
4Episode 4Jun-22-201712 weeks
3Episode 3Jun-08-201712 weeks
2Episode 2Jun-01-201712 weeks
1Episode 1May-25-201722 months

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