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Bachelor in Paradise (2014)

The series features the Bachelor stars you love, hate, and love to hate — all hoping for one more chance at love. Here’s the official release with details: From the creator of The Bachelor franchise comes the new summer series, Bachelor in Paradise. Some of The Bachelor’s biggest stars and villains are back. They all left The Bachelor or The Bachelorette with broken hearts, but now they know what it really takes to find love, and on “Bachelor in Paradise” they’ll get a second chance to find their soul mates. Contestants will live together in an isolated romantic paradise and, over the course of six episodes, we’ll follow these former bachelors and bachelorettes as they explore new romantic relationships. America will watch as they fall in love or go through renewed heartbreak. The romantic dating series will feature new twists, shocking surprises, unexpected guests and some of the most unlikely relationships in Bachelor history, plus all the usual romance, drama and t

Genre: Reality, Drama

Release Date: August 4, 2014

Status: Running

Network: ABC (Official Website)

Casts: Chris Harrison, Jenny Mollen

Most recent episode: Bachelor in Paradise (2014) Season 8 Episode 16 - Finale: Part 2 ( 11/22/2022 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
916Finale: Part 2Nov-21-202301 week
15Finale: Part 1Nov-20-202301 week
14Week 8: Part 2Nov-13-202301 week
13Week 8: Part 1Nov-12-202301 week
12Week 7Nov-05-202301 week
11Week 6: Part 2Nov-04-202301 week
10Week 6: Part 1Nov-03-202301 week
9Week 5: Part 2Oct-27-202301 week
8Week 5: Part 1Oct-26-202301 week
7Week 4: Part 2Oct-20-202301 week
6Week 4: Part 1Oct-19-202301 week
5Week 3: Part 2Oct-13-202301 week
4Week 3: Part 1Oct-12-202301 week
3Week 2: Part 2Oct-06-202301 week
2Week 2: Part 1Oct-05-202301 week
1Week 1: Season PremiereSep-28-202306 days
816Finale: Part 2Nov-22-20223210 months
15Finale: Part 1Nov-21-20223610 months
14Week 8, Pt. 2Nov-15-20222610 months
13Week 8, Pt. 1Nov-14-20221610 months
12Week 7Nov-07-20223110 months
11Week 6, Pt. 2Nov-01-20222110 months
10Week 6, Pt. 1Oct-31-20222910 months
9Week 5, Pt. 2Oct-25-20222710 months
8Week 5, Pt. 1Oct-24-20222210 months
7Week 4, Pt. 2Oct-18-20222110 months
6Week 4, Pt. 1Oct-17-20222910 months
5Week 3, Pt. 2Oct-11-20222810 months
4Week 3, Pt. 1Oct-10-20221110 months
3Week 2, Pt. 2Oct-04-20221910 months
2Week 2, Pt. 1Oct-03-20221510 months
1Week 1Sep-27-20222610 months
711Week 8Oct-05-202152 years
10Week 7Sep-28-202152 years
9Week 6Sep-21-202122 years
8Week 5Sep-14-202142 years
7Week 4, Pt. 2Sep-07-202142 years
6Week 4, Pt. 1Sep-06-202192 years
5Week 3, Pt. 2Aug-31-202112 years
4Week 3, Pt. 1Aug-30-202122 years
3Week 2, Pt. 2Aug-24-202152 years
2Week 2, Pt. 1Aug-23-202112 years
1Week 1Aug-16-202162 years
613Season FinaleSep-17-201914 years
12Week 6: Part 2Sep-10-201914 years
11Week 6: Part 1Sep-09-201914 years
10Week 5: Part 2Sep-03-201914 years
9Week 5: Part 1Sep-02-201914 years
8Week 4, Part 2Aug-27-201914 years
7Week 4, Part 1Aug-26-201904 years
6Week 3, Part 2Aug-20-201914 years
5Week 3, Part 1Aug-19-201904 years
4Week 2, Part 2Aug-13-201914 years
3Week 2, Part 1Aug-12-201904 years
2Week 1, Part 2Aug-06-201904 years
1Week 1, Part 1Aug-05-201924 years
512TBASep-11-201803 years
11After ParadiseSep-11-201806 days
10Week 6: FinaleSep-10-201804 years
9Week 5, Part 2Sep-04-201804 years
8Week 5, Part 1Sep-03-201804 years
7Week 4, Part 2Aug-28-201804 years
6Week 4, Part 1Aug-27-201806 days
5Week 3, Part 2Aug-21-201804 years
4Week 3, Part 1Aug-20-201804 years
3Week 2, Part 2Aug-14-201804 years
2Week 2, Part 1Aug-13-201804 years
1Week 1: Season PremiereAug-07-201804 years
49Week 5Sep-11-201706 days
8Week 4, Part 2Sep-05-201706 days
7Week 4, Part 1Sep-04-201706 days
6Week 3, Part 2Aug-29-201706 days
5Week 3, Part 1Aug-28-201706 days
4Week 2, Part 2Aug-22-201706 days
3Week 2, Part 1Aug-21-201706 days
2Week 1, Part 2Aug-15-201706 days
1Week 1, Part 1Aug-14-201704 years
311Week 6, Night 2Sep-06-201606 days
10Week 6, Night 1Sep-05-201606 days
9Week 5, Night 2Aug-30-201606 days
8Week 5, Night 1Aug-29-201606 days
7Week 4, Night 2Aug-23-201606 days
6Week 4, Night 1Aug-22-201606 days
5Week 3, Night 2Aug-16-201606 days
4Week 3, Night 1Aug-15-201606 days
3Week 2, Night 2Aug-09-201606 days
2Week 2, Night 1Aug-08-201606 days
1Week 1Aug-02-201606 days
212Week 6, Part 2Sep-07-201504 years
11Week 6, Part 1Sep-06-201504 years
10Week 5, Part 2Aug-31-201506 days
9Week 5, Part 1Aug-30-201504 years
8Week 4, Part 2Aug-24-201506 days
7Week 4, Part 1Aug-23-201504 years
6Week 3, Part 2Aug-17-201506 days
5Week 3, Part 1Aug-16-201504 years
4Week 2, Part 2Aug-10-201506 days
3Week 2, Part 1Aug-09-201506 days
2Week 1, Part 2Aug-03-201506 days
1Week 1, Part 1Aug-02-201506 days
17Week 6Sep-08-201404 years
6Week 5Sep-01-201404 years
5Week 4, Part 2Aug-26-201404 years
4Week 4, Part 1Aug-25-201404 years
3Week 3Aug-18-201406 days
2Week 2Aug-11-201406 days
1Week 1Aug-04-201404 years

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