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American Idol

American Idol is a reality television singing competition show that intends to find new solo recording artists where the winner is determined by the viewers through telephone, Internet, and SMS text voting. Judges of this show are Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez (2011-present), Steven Tyler (2011-present), Paula Abdul (2002

Genre: Reality, Talent

Release Date: June 11, 2002

Status: Running

Network: FOX (Official Website)

Casts: Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Steven Tyler, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Kara DioGuardi , Ryan Seacrest, Ellen DeGeneres, Keith Urban, Brian Dunkleman, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr.

Most recent episode: American Idol Season 21 Episode 20 - Season Finale ( 5/21/2023 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
2120Season FinaleMay-21-2023182 months
19Journey to the FinaleMay-15-2023182 months
18Disney NightMay-14-2023212 months
17TBAMay-07-2023212 months
16Judge's Song ContestMay-01-2023102 months
15Rock and Roll Hall of Fame NightApr-30-202382 months
14Top 12 Reveal!Apr-24-2023192 months
13Top 20Apr-23-2023132 months
12Top 26 at Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii Part #2Apr-17-2023172 months
11Top 26 at Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii Part #1Apr-16-2023162 months
10Showstopper/Final Judgment Part #2Apr-10-2023212 months
9Showstopper/Final Judgment Part #1Apr-09-2023222 months
8Hollywood Week Part #2Apr-03-2023232 months
7Hollywood Week Part #1Apr-02-2023182 months
6Auditions 5Mar-26-2023202 months
5Auditions 4Mar-19-2023162 months
4Auditions 3AMar-12-2023122 months
3Auditions 3Mar-05-2023262 months
2Auditions 2Feb-26-2023232 months
1Auditions 1Feb-19-2023122 months
2020Grand FinaleMay-22-202251 year
19Top 5May-15-202281 week
18Top 7May-08-202231 week
17The Great Idol ReunionMay-02-202231 year
16Disney NightMay-01-202221 year
15Judge's Song ContestApr-25-202211 year
14Top 14Apr-24-202211 year
13Top 14 Live RevealApr-18-202291 year
12Season 20's Top 20Apr-17-202271 year
11Top 24 at Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii Part #2Apr-11-202261 year
10Top 24 at Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii Part #1Apr-10-202251 year
9Showstopper/Final JudgmentApr-04-202241 year
8Hollywood Duets ChallengeApr-03-202251 year
7Hollywood Week: Genre ChallengeMar-28-202221 year
6Auditions 5AMar-27-202221 year
5Auditions 5Mar-21-202232 years
4Auditions 4Mar-20-202202 years
3Auditions 3Mar-13-202212 years
2Auditions 2Mar-06-202282 months
1Auditions 1Feb-27-202242 years
1919Grand FinaleMay-23-202102 years
18My Personal Idol / Artist SinglesMay-16-202112 years
17Coldplay Songbook & Mother's Day DedicationMay-09-202102 years
16Disney NightMay-02-202102 years
15The ComebackApr-19-202102 years
14Oscar Nominated SongsApr-18-202112 years
13Top 12 Live RevealApr-12-202112 years
12Top 16Apr-11-202122 years
11All Star Duets and SolosApr-05-202112 years
10All Star Duets and SolosApr-04-202122 years
9Showstopper/Final Judgment Part #2Mar-29-202102 years
8Showstopper/Final Judgment Part #1Mar-28-202102 years
7Hollywood Duets ChallengeMar-22-202132 months
6Hollywood Week: Genre ChallengeMar-21-202142 years
5Auditions 5Mar-14-202122 years
4Auditions 4Mar-07-202102 years
3Auditions 3Feb-28-202142 months
2Auditions 2Feb-21-202122 years
1Auditions 1Feb-14-202102 years
1816On with the Show: Grand FinaleMay-17-202012 months
15On with the Show: Disney / Mother's DayMay-10-202002 years
14On with the Show: Homeward BoundMay-03-202002 years
13On with the Show: Top 20 Sing for Your VoteApr-26-202002 years
12This Is Me (Part #2)Apr-19-202002 years
11This Is Me (Part #1)Apr-12-202002 years
10Hawaii Showcase and Final Judgment Part 2Apr-05-202002 years
9Hawaii Showcase and Final Judgment Part 1Mar-29-202002 years
8Hollywood Week - SolosMar-23-202002 years
7Hollywood Week - DuetsMar-22-202002 years
6Hollywood Week - Genre ChallengeMar-16-202002 years
5Auditions 5Mar-15-202012 months
4Auditions 4Mar-08-202012 months
3Auditions 3Mar-01-202002 years
2Auditions 2Feb-23-202002 years
1Auditions 1Feb-16-202002 years
1719TBAMay-19-201924 years
18Grand FinaleMay-19-201903 years
17Top 5 Perform: Elton JohnMay-12-201934 years
16Top 6 Perform: Woodstock and Show StoppersMay-05-201904 years
15Top 8 Perform: Queen NightApr-28-201904 years
14Top 10 Perform: Disney NightApr-21-201904 years
13Top 10 RevealApr-15-201904 years
12Top 14Apr-14-201903 years
11All-Star Duets: Part 2Apr-08-201902 years
10All-Star Duets: Part 1Apr-07-201902 years
9Top 20 SolosApr-01-201904 years
8Showcase/Final JudgmentMar-31-201902 years
7Hollywood Week: Part 2Mar-25-201902 years
6Hollywood Week: Part 1Mar-24-201903 years
5Auditions 5Mar-18-201902 years
4Auditions 4Mar-17-201902 years
3Auditions 3Mar-10-201902 years
2Auditions 2Mar-06-201902 years
1Auditions 1Mar-03-201902 years
1619Grand FinaleMay-21-201803 years
18Performance FinalsMay-20-201802 years
17Top 5May-13-201802 years
16Top 7May-06-201802 years
15Top 10 - Disney NightApr-29-201802 years
14Top 10 RevealApr-23-201802 years
13Top 14Apr-22-201802 years
12Top 24 Celebrity Duets: Part 2Apr-16-201802 years
11Top 24 Solos: Part 2Apr-15-201802 years
10Top 24 Celebrity Duets: Part 1Apr-09-201802 years
9Top 24 Solos: Part 1Apr-08-201802 years
8Showcase & Final JudgmentApr-02-201802 years
7Hollywood Week: Part 2Apr-01-201805 years
6Hollywood Week: Part 1Mar-26-201812 months
5Auditions 5Mar-25-201802 years
4Auditions 4Mar-19-201802 years
3Auditions 3Mar-18-201802 years
2Auditions 2Mar-12-201802 years
1Auditions 1Mar-11-201806 years
1524Finale, Part 2Apr-07-201618 years
23Finale, Part 2Apr-07-201606 years
22Top 3 PerformApr-06-201606 years
21Top 3 PerformMar-31-201607 years
20Top 4 PerformMar-24-201608 years
19Top 5 PerformMar-17-201606 years
18Top 6 PerformMar-10-201606 years
17Top 8 PerformMar-03-201606 years
16Top 10 Revealed and PerformFeb-25-201606 years
15Wildcard Night: Judges PickFeb-24-201608 years
14Showcase #4: Judges VoteFeb-18-201608 years
13Showcase #3: 2nd 12 PerformancesFeb-17-201638 years
12Showcase #2: Judges VoteFeb-11-201606 years
11Showcase #1: 1st 12 PerformancesFeb-10-201606 years
10Hollywood Round #4Feb-04-201608 years
9Hollywood Round #3Feb-03-201606 years
8Hollywood Round #2Jan-28-201608 years
7Hollywood Round #1Jan-27-201608 years
6Auditions - Atlanta, Philadelphia and San Francisco: Part 2Jan-21-201608 years
5Auditions - Atlanta, Philadelphia and San Francisco: Part 1Jan-20-201608 years
4Auditions - Denver & Little RockJan-14-201608 years
3Auditions - PhiladelphiaJan-13-201608 years
2Auditions - Little Rock & San FranciscoJan-07-201608 years
1Auditions - Denver & SavannahJan-06-201608 years
1430Season Finale (2) - Winner AnnouncedMay-13-201505 years
29Season Finale - Top 2 PerformMay-12-201505 years
28Top 3 PerformMay-06-201508 years
27Top 4 PerformApr-29-201505 years
26Top 5 PerformApr-22-201505 years
25Top 6 PerformApr-15-2015165 years
24Top 7 PerformApr-08-2015105 years
23Top 8 PerformApr-01-201508 years
22Top 9 PerformMar-25-2015149 years
21Top 10 PerformMar-19-201505 years
20Top 12 PerformMar-12-201565 years
19Top 12 Finalists RevealedMar-11-201535 years
18Top 8 Girls PerformMar-05-201505 years
17Top 8 Guys PerformMar-04-2015185 years
16Top 12 Girls PerformFeb-26-201505 years
15Top 12 Boys PerformFeb-25-201505 years
14Showcase: Part 2Feb-19-2015105 years
13Showcase: Part 1Feb-18-2015175 years
12Hollywood Week: Part 4Feb-12-2015139 years
11Hollywood Week: Part 3Feb-11-201569 years
10Hollywood Week: Part 2Feb-05-201509 years
9Hollywood Week: Part 1Feb-04-201509 years
8Auditions #8 - San Francisco: Part 2Jan-29-2015169 years
7Auditions #7 - San Francisco: Part 1Jan-28-201569 years
6Auditions #6 - New OrleansJan-22-201545 years
5Auditions #5 - MinneapolisJan-21-201545 years
4Auditions #4 - New YorkJan-15-201545 years
3Auditions #3 - Kansas CityJan-14-201555 years
2Auditions #2 - Nashville & Kansas CityJan-08-2015119 years
1Auditions #1 - NashvilleJan-07-201502 years
1339Winner AnnouncedMay-21-201409 years
38Two Finalists CompeteMay-20-201409 years
37Results Show: 1 of 3 Voted OffMay-15-201409 years
363 Finalists CompeteMay-14-201409 years
35Results Show: 1 of 4 Voted OffMay-08-201409 years
344 Finalists PerformMay-07-201409 years
33Results Show: 1 of 5 Voted OffMay-01-201409 years
325 Finalists PerformApr-30-201409 years
31Results Show: 1 of 6 Voted OffApr-24-201409 years
306 Finalists PerformApr-23-201409 years
29Results ShowApr-17-201409 years
287 Finalists PerformApr-16-201409 years
27Results ShowApr-10-201409 years
268 Finalists PerformApr-09-201409 years
25Results ShowApr-03-201409 years
248 Finalists PerformApr-02-201409 years
23Results ShowMar-27-201409 years
229 Finalists PerformMar-26-201409 years
21Results ShowMar-20-2014010 years
2010 Finalists PerformMar-19-2014010 years
19Results ShowMar-13-2014010 years
1811 Finalists PerformMar-12-2014010 years
17Results ShowMar-06-2014010 years
1612 Finalists PerformMar-05-2014010 years
15Results ShowFeb-27-2014010 years
1413 Finalists PerformFeb-26-2014010 years
13Results ShowFeb-20-2014010 years
1215 Boys PerformFeb-19-2014010 years
1115 Girls PerformFeb-18-2014010 years
10Hollywood Round, Week 3Feb-13-2014110 years
9Hollywood Round, Week 2Feb-12-2014110 years
8Hollywood Round, Week 1Feb-06-2014010 years
7Hollywood or Home RoundFeb-05-2014010 years
6Auditions - OmahaJan-30-2014010 years
5Auditions - Salt Lake CityJan-29-2014010 years
4Auditions - AtlantaJan-23-2014010 years
3Auditions - DetroitJan-22-2014010 years
2Auditions - Austin & San FranciscoJan-16-2014010 years
1Auditions - Boston & AustinJan-15-2014010 years
1237Season 12 FinaleMay-16-2013010 years
36Two Finalists CompeteMay-15-2013010 years
35Results ShowMay-09-2013010 years
343 Finalists CompeteMay-08-2013010 years
33Results ShowMay-02-2013010 years
324 Finalists CompeteMay-01-2013010 years
31Results ShowApr-25-2013110 years
304 Finalists CompeteApr-24-2013010 years
29Results ShowApr-18-2013010 years
285 Finalists CompeteApr-17-2013010 years
27Results ShowApr-11-2013210 years
266 Finalists CompeteApr-10-2013210 years
25Results ShowApr-04-2013010 years
247 Finalists CompeteApr-03-2013010 years
23Results ShowMar-28-2013010 years
228 Finalists CompeteMar-27-2013010 years
21Results ShowMar-21-2013311 years
209 Finalists CompeteMar-20-2013011 years
19Live Results ShowMar-14-2013111 years
18Top 10 Live Performance ShowMar-13-2013111 years
17Top 10 Finalists RevealedMar-07-2013111 years
16Top 10 Male Semifinalists Perform LiveMar-06-2013111 years
15Top 10 Female Semifinalists Perform LiveMar-05-2013311 years
14Semifinalist Round: Part 4 - Guys PerformFeb-28-2013211 years
13Semifinalist Round: Part 3 - Girls PerformFeb-27-2013211 years
12Semifinalist Round: Part 2 - Guys PerformFeb-21-2013011 years
11Semifinalist Round: Part 1 - Girls PerformFeb-20-2013211 years
10Hollywood Round: Part 4 - Top 40 RevealedFeb-14-2013011 years
9Hollywood Round: Part 3Feb-13-2013211 years
8Hollywood Round: Part 2Feb-07-2013111 years
7Hollywood Round: Part 1Feb-06-2013211 years
6Auditions - Oklahoma CityJan-31-2013311 years
5Auditions - San Antonio & Los AngelesJan-30-2013111 years
4Auditions - New OrleansJan-24-2013411 years
3Auditions - CharlotteJan-23-2013611 years
2Auditions - ChicagoJan-17-2013211 years
1Auditions - New York CityJan-16-2013211 years
1141[no episode title yet]May-23-2012011 years
40Season 11 FinaleMay-23-2012211 years
392 Finalists CompeteMay-22-2012211 years
381 of 3 Voted OffMay-17-2012111 years
373 Finalists CompeteMay-16-2012111 years
361 of 4 Voted OffMay-10-2012211 years
354 Finalists CompeteMay-09-2012311 years
341 of 5 Voted OffMay-03-2012111 years
335 Finalists CompeteMay-02-2012211 years
321 of 6 Voted OffApr-26-2012411 years
316 Finalists CompeteApr-25-2012311 years
301 of 7 Voted OffApr-19-2012411 years
297 Finalists CompeteApr-18-2012111 years
281 of 7 Voted OffApr-12-2012311 years
277 Finalists CompeteApr-11-2012211 years
261 of 8 Voted OffApr-05-2012311 years
258 Finalists CompeteApr-04-2012211 years
241 of 9 Voted OffMar-29-2012211 years
239 Finalists CompeteMar-28-2012311 years
221 of 10 Voted OffMar-22-2012412 years
2110 Finalists CompeteMar-21-2012312 years
201 of 11 Voted OffMar-15-2012212 years
1911 Finalists CompeteMar-14-2012212 years
181 of 13 Voted OffMar-08-2012212 years
1713 Finalists CompeteMar-07-2012212 years
16Finalists ChosenMar-01-2012212 years
15Semifinalist Girls PerformFeb-29-2012812 years
14Semifinalist Boys PerformFeb-28-2012212 years
13Final Judgement: Part 2Feb-23-2012312 years
12Final Judgement: Part 1Feb-22-2012412 years
11Las Vegas WeekFeb-16-2012312 years
10Hollywood Round: Part 3Feb-15-2012312 years
9Hollywood Round: Part 2Feb-09-2012512 years
8Hollywood Round: Part 1Feb-08-2012212 years
7Auditions - St. LouisFeb-02-2012012 years
6Auditions - PortlandFeb-01-2012112 years
5Auditions - HoustonJan-26-2012012 years
4Auditions - AspenJan-25-2012112 years
3Auditions - San DiegoJan-22-2012112 years
2Auditions - PittsburghJan-19-2012012 years
1Auditions - SavannahJan-18-2012012 years
1039Season 10 FinaleMay-25-201109 years
382 Finalists CompeteMay-24-201109 years
371 Voted OffMay-19-201109 years
363 Finalists CompeteMay-18-201109 years
351 Voted OffMay-12-201109 years
344 Finalists CompeteMay-11-201109 years
331 Voted OffMay-05-201109 years
325 Finalists CompeteMay-04-201109 years
311 of 6 Voted OffApr-28-201109 years
306 Finalists CompeteApr-27-201109 years
291 of 7 Voted OffApr-21-201109 years
287 Finalists CompeteApr-20-201109 years
271 of 8 Voted OffApr-14-201109 years
268 Finalists CompeteApr-13-201109 years
251 of 9 Voted OffApr-07-201109 years
249 Finalists CompeteApr-06-201109 years
232 of 11 Voted OffMar-31-201109 years
2211 Finalists Compete..AgainMar-30-201109 years
211 of 11 Voted OffMar-24-201109 years
2011 Finalists CompeteMar-23-201109 years
191 Voted OffMar-17-201109 years
1812 Finalists CompeteMar-16-201109 years
171 Voted OffMar-10-201109 years
1613 Finalists CompeteMar-09-201109 years
15First Results Show and Finalists AnnouncedMar-03-201109 years
14Top 12 Girls PerformMar-02-201109 years
13Top 12 Boys PerformMar-01-201109 years
12Top 24 ChosenFeb-24-201109 years
11Las Vegas RoundFeb-23-201109 years
10Hollywood Round: Part 3Feb-17-201109 years
9Hollywood Round: Part 2Feb-16-201109 years
8Hollywood Round: Part 1Feb-10-201109 years
7Auditions - San Francisco, CaliforniaFeb-09-201109 years
6Auditions - Los AngelesFeb-03-201109 years
5Auditions - Austin, TexasFeb-02-201109 years
4Auditions - Nashville, TennesseeJan-27-201104 years
3Auditions - Milwaukee, WisconsinJan-26-201109 years
2Auditions - New OrleansJan-20-201109 years
1Auditions - New JerseyJan-19-201109 years
943Season 9 FinaleMay-26-201009 years
42Top 2 PerformMay-25-201009 years
411 of 3 Voted OffMay-19-201009 years
40Top 3 PerformMay-18-201009 years
391 of 4 Voted OffMay-12-201009 years
38Top 4 PerformMay-11-201009 years
371 of 5 Voted OffMay-05-201009 years
36Top 5 PerformMay-04-201009 years
351 of 6 Voted OffApr-28-201009 years
34Top 6 PerformApr-27-201009 years
33One of 7 Voted Off; Idol Gives BackApr-21-201009 years
32Top 7 PerformApr-20-201009 years
312 of 9 Voted OffApr-14-201009 years
30Top 9 Perform AgainApr-13-201009 years
291 of 9 Voted OffApr-07-201009 years
28Top 9 PerformApr-06-201009 years
271 of 10 Voted OffMar-31-201009 years
26Top 10 PerformMar-30-201009 years
251 of 11 Voted OffMar-24-201009 years
24Top 11 Finalists PerformMar-23-201009 years
231 of 12 Voted OffMar-17-201009 years
22Top 12 Finalists PerformMar-16-201009 years
21Top 16 ResultsMar-11-201009 years
20Top 8 Guys PerformMar-10-201009 years
19Top 8 Girls PerformMar-09-201009 years
18Top 20 ResultsMar-04-201009 years
17Top 10 Girls PerformMar-03-201009 years
16Top 10 Guys PerformMar-02-201009 years
15Top 24 ResultsFeb-25-201009 years
14Top 12 Guys PerformFeb-24-201009 years
13Top 12 Girls PerformFeb-23-201009 years
12Hollywood Round: Part 4 - Top 24 Semifinalists AnnouncedFeb-17-201009 years
11Hollywood Round: Part 3Feb-16-201009 years
10Hollywood Round: Part 2Feb-10-201009 years
9Hollywood Round: Part 1Feb-09-201009 years
8The Road to HollywoodFeb-03-201009 years
7Denver AuditionsFeb-02-201009 years
6Dallas AuditionsJan-27-201009 years
5Los Angeles AuditionsJan-26-201009 years
4Orlando AuditionsJan-20-201009 years
3Chicago AuditionsJan-19-201009 years
2Atlanta AuditionsJan-13-201009 years
1Boston AuditionsJan-12-201009 years
840Winner RevealedMay-20-200909 years
39Top 2 Finalists PerformMay-19-200909 years
381 of 3 Voted OffMay-13-200909 years
37Top 3 Finalists PerformMay-12-200909 years
361 of 4 Voted OffMay-06-200909 years
35Top 4 Finalists PerformMay-05-200909 years
34Top 5 ResultsApr-29-200909 years
33Top 5 Finalists PerformApr-28-200909 years
322 of 7 Voted OffApr-22-200909 years
31Top 7 Finalists Perform AgainApr-21-200909 years
301 of 7 Voted OffApr-15-200909 years
29Top 7 Finalists PerformApr-14-200909 years
281 of 8 Voted OffApr-08-200909 years
27Top 8 Finalists PerformApr-07-200909 years
261 of 9 Voted OffApr-01-200909 years
25Top 9 Finalists PerformMar-31-200909 years
241 of 10 Voted OffMar-26-200909 years
23Top 10 Finalists PerformMar-25-200909 years
221 of 11 Voted OffMar-18-200909 years
21Top 11 Finalists PerformMar-17-200909 years
202 of 13 Voted OffMar-11-200909 years
19Top 13 Finalists PerformMar-10-200905 years
18Wild Card ResultsMar-05-200905 years
17Top 36 Finalists Group 3 ResultsMar-04-200909 years
16Top 36 Finalists Group 3 PerformMar-03-200909 years
15Top 36 Finalists Group 2 ResultsFeb-26-200909 years
14Top 36 Finalists Group 2 PerformFeb-25-200909 years
13Top 36 Finalists Group 1 ResultsFeb-18-200909 years
12Top 36 Finalists Group 1 PerformFeb-17-200909 years
11Hollywood Round: Part 4Feb-11-200909 years
10Hollywood Round: Part 3Feb-10-200909 years
9Hollywood Round: Part 2Feb-04-200909 years
8Hollywood Round: Part 1Feb-03-200909 years
7New York City & San Juan, PR AuditionsJan-29-200909 years
6Salt Lake City AuditionsJan-28-200909 years
5Jacksonville AuditionsJan-27-200909 years
4Louisville AuditionsJan-21-200909 years
3San Francisco AuditionsJan-20-200909 years
2Kansas City AuditionsJan-14-200909 years
1Phoenix AuditionsJan-13-200909 years
742Winner AnnouncedMay-21-200805 years
41Top 2 Finalists PerformMay-20-200809 years
401 of 3 Voted OffMay-14-200809 years
39Top 3 FinalistsMay-13-200809 years
381 of 4 Voted OffMay-07-200809 years
37Top 4 FinalistsMay-06-200809 years
361 of 5 Voted OffApr-30-200809 years
35Top 5 FinalistsApr-29-200809 years
341 of 6 Voted OffApr-23-200809 years
33Top 6 FinalistsApr-22-200809 years
321 of 7 Voted OffApr-16-200809 years
31Top 7 FinalistsApr-15-200805 years
301 of 8 Voted OffApr-10-200809 years
29Idol Gives BackApr-09-200809 years
28Top 8 FinalistsApr-08-200809 years
27Top 9 ResultsApr-02-200809 years
26Top 9 FinalistsApr-01-200809 years
25Top 10 ResultsMar-26-200809 years
24Top 10 FinalistsMar-25-200809 years
23Top 11 ResultsMar-19-200809 years
22Top 11 FinalistsMar-18-200809 years
21Top 12 ResultsMar-12-200809 years
20Top 12 FinalistsMar-11-200809 years
19Top 16 ResultsMar-06-200809 years
18Top 8 Girls PerformMar-05-200809 years
17Top 8 Guys PerformMar-04-200809 years
16Top 20 ResultsFeb-28-200809 years
15Top 10 Girls PerformFeb-27-200809 years
14Top 10 Guys PerformFeb-26-200809 years
13Top 24 ResultsFeb-21-200809 years
12Top 12 Girls PerformFeb-20-200809 years
11Top 12 Guys PerformFeb-19-200809 years
10Top 24 ChosenFeb-13-200809 years
9Hollywood RoundFeb-12-200809 years
8Best of the Rest AuditionsFeb-16-200809 years
7Atlanta AuditionsFeb-05-200809 years
6Miami AuditionsJan-30-200809 years
5Omaha AuditionsJan-29-200809 years
4Charleston AuditionsJan-23-200809 years
3San Diego AuditionsJan-22-200809 years
2Dallas AuditionsJan-16-200809 years
1Philadelphia AuditionsJan-15-200809 years
641Winner Is CrownedMay-23-200705 years
40Top 2 Finalists PerformMay-22-200709 years
39Top 3 ResultsMay-16-200709 years
38Top 3 Finalists PerformMay-15-200709 years
37Top 4 ResultsMay-09-200709 years
36Top 4 Finalists PerformMay-08-200709 years
35Top 6 ResultsMay-02-200709 years
34Top 6 Finalists PerformMay-01-200709 years
33Idol Gives Back: Part 2Apr-25-200709 years
32Idol Gives Back: Part 1Apr-24-200709 years
31Top 7 ResultsApr-18-200709 years
30Top 7 Finalists PerformApr-17-200709 years
29Top 8 ResultsApr-11-200709 years
28Top 8 Finalists PerformApr-10-200709 years
27Top 9 ResultsApr-04-200709 years
26Top 9 Finalists PerformApr-03-200709 years
25Top 10 ResultsMar-28-200709 years
24Top 10 Finalists PerformMar-27-200709 years
23Top 11 ResultsMar-21-200709 years
22Top 11 Finalists PerformMar-20-200709 years
21Top 12 ResultsMar-14-200709 years
20Top 12 Finalists PerformMar-13-200709 years
19Top 16 ResultsMar-08-200709 years
18Top 8 Girls CompeteMar-07-200709 years
17Top 8 Guys CompeteMar-06-200709 years
16Top 20 ResultsMar-01-200709 years
15Top 10 Girls CompeteFeb-28-200709 years
14Top 10 Guys CompeteFeb-27-200709 years
13Top 24 ResultsFeb-22-200709 years
12Top 12 Girls CompeteFeb-21-200709 years
11Top 12 Guys CompeteFeb-20-200709 years
10Top 24 ChosenFeb-14-200709 years
9Hollywood RoundFeb-13-200709 years
8Best of the Rest AuditionsFeb-07-200709 years
7San Antonio AuditionsFeb-06-200709 years
6Los Angeles AuditionsJan-31-200709 years
5Birmingham AuditionsJan-30-200709 years
4New York City AuditionsJan-24-200709 years
3Memphis AuditionsJan-23-200709 years
2Seattle AuditionsJan-17-200709 years
1Minneapolis AuditionsJan-16-200709 years
541The FinaleMay-24-200609 years
40Top 2 perform liveMay-23-200609 years
39And Then There Were 2May-17-200605 years
38Top 3 perform liveMay-16-200609 years
37And Then There Were 3May-10-200605 years
36Top 4 perform liveMay-09-200605 years
35And Then There Were 4May-03-200605 years
34Top 5 perform liveMay-02-200609 years
33And Then There Were 5Apr-26-200609 years
32Top 6 perform liveApr-25-200609 years
31And Then There Were 6Apr-19-200605 years
30Top 7 perform liveApr-18-200605 years
29And Then There Were 7Apr-12-200605 years
28Top 8 perform liveApr-11-200609 years
27And Then There Were 8Apr-05-200609 years
26Top 9 perform liveApr-04-200609 years
25And Then There Were 9Mar-29-200609 years
24Top 10 perform liveMar-28-200609 years
23And Then There Were 10Mar-22-200609 years
22Top 11 perform liveMar-21-200609 years
21And Then There Were 11Mar-15-200609 years
20Top 12 perform liveMar-14-200605 years
19And Then There Were 12Mar-09-200609 years
18Performance Show Males #3 (top 8)Mar-08-200609 years
17Performance Show Females #3 (top 8)Mar-07-200609 years
16And Then There Were 16Mar-02-200609 years
15Performance Show Males #2 (top 10)Mar-01-200609 years
14Performance Show Females #2 (top 10)Feb-28-200609 years
13And Then There Were 20Feb-23-200609 years
12Performance Show Males #1 (top 12)Feb-22-200609 years
11Performance Show Females #1 (top 12)Feb-21-200609 years
10Hollywood Round #3Feb-15-200609 years
9Hollywood Round #2Feb-14-200609 years
8Hollywood Round #1Feb-08-200609 years
7Boston, MA AuditionsFeb-07-200609 years
6Austin, TX AuditionsFeb-01-200609 years
5Las Vegas, NV AuditionsJan-31-200609 years
4San Fransisco, CA AuditionsJan-25-200609 years
3Greensboro, NC AuditionsJan-24-200609 years
2Denver, CO AuditionsJan-18-200609 years
1Chicago, IL AuditionsJan-17-200609 years
442And the Winner is.......May-25-200505 years
41Bo Bice vs. Carrie UnderwoodMay-24-200505 years
40Tonight is the Night When 3 Become 2May-18-200505 years
39American Idol's Final 3 PerformMay-17-200505 years
38Find Out Who's Been Eliminated from the Final 4May-11-200505 years
37American Idol's Final 4 Perform!May-10-200505 years
36Find Out Who's Been Eliminated from the Top 5May-04-200505 years
35Top 5 PerformMay-03-200505 years
34Who Is Eliminated from the Top 6Apr-27-200505 years
33Top 6 PerformApr-26-200505 years
32Top 7 ResultsApr-20-200505 years
31Top 7 PerformApr-19-200505 years
30Who Is Eliminated from the Top 8Apr-13-200505 years
29Top 8 PerformApr-12-200505 years
28Find Out Who's Been Eliminated from the Top 9Apr-06-200505 years
27American Idol's Top 9 PerformApr-05-200505 years
26It's Down to the Top 9Mar-30-200505 years
25Top 10 Perform LiveMar-29-200505 years
24It's Down to the Top 10Mar-24-200505 years
23Top 11 Finalists Re-VoteMar-23-200505 years
22American Idol's Top 11 PerformMar-22-200505 years
21One Must Go Home Tonight!Mar-16-200505 years
20Top 12 Finalists Perform for the First Time!Mar-15-200505 years
19Top 12 RevealedMar-09-200505 years
18Eight Females Perform LiveMar-08-200505 years
17Eight Males Perform LiveMar-07-200505 years
16Who Has America Chosen to Stay and Who Will Go Home?Mar-02-200505 years
15Ten Females Perform LiveMar-01-200505 years
14Ten Males Perform LiveFeb-28-200505 years
13First Result Show of the SeasonFeb-23-200505 years
12The Top 12 Girls Perform LiveFeb-22-200505 years
11The Top 12 Boys Perform LiveFeb-21-200505 years
10Auditions Continue in Hollywood: Part 4Feb-16-200505 years
9Auditions Continue in Hollywood: Part 3Feb-15-200505 years
8Hollywood Auditions Continue: Part 2Feb-09-200505 years
7American Idol Takes the Auditions to the Next Level...Hollywood!Feb-08-200505 years
6San Francisco, California AuditionsFeb-02-200505 years
5Cleveland, Ohio & Orlando, Florida AuditionsFeb-01-200505 years
4Las Vegas, Nevada AuditionsJan-26-200505 years
3New Orleans, Louisiana AuditionsJan-25-200505 years
2St. Louis, Missouri AuditionsJan-19-200505 years
1Washington D.C. AuditionsJan-18-200505 years
345Kelly, Ruben & Fantasia: Home for ChristmasNov-24-200405 years
44And the Winner is.....May-26-200405 years
43Fantasia Barrino vs. Diana DeGarmoMay-25-200405 years
42American Idol: The PhenomenonMay-23-200405 years
41Now Down to 2May-19-200405 years
403 SingMay-18-200405 years
39The Final 3 2004May-17-200405 years
38Only 3 Idols RemainMay-12-200405 years
374 Idols PerformMay-11-200405 years
36Only 4 RemainMay-05-200405 years
355 Idols SingMay-04-200405 years
34American Idol: The Final Five 2004May-03-200405 years
336-1=5 is the ResultApr-28-200405 years
326 PerformApr-27-200405 years
316 Remain - Barry Manilow VisitsApr-21-200405 years
307 Sing!!Apr-20-200405 years
29Down to 7 (Battle of the Jo(h)n's)Apr-15-200405 years
288 Left to CompeteApr-14-200405 years
27Tamyra Gray ReturnsApr-07-200405 years
26Elton John ThemeApr-06-200405 years
2510 - 1 = 9Mar-31-200405 years
2410 Contestants SingMar-30-200405 years
23Soon There Will Be 10Mar-24-200405 years
221 Down 11 to GoMar-23-200405 years
21Clay Aiken ReturnsMar-17-200405 years
2012 Finalists Have Been ChosenMar-16-200405 years
19Wildcard ResultsMar-10-200405 years
18WildcardMar-09-200405 years
17Finally! Finalists!Mar-03-200405 years
16Group Four! Then the Wild Card!Mar-02-200405 years
15Uncut, Uncensored and UntalentedMar-01-200405 years
14You! Over Here! with the Rest of the Finalists!Feb-25-200405 years
13I'm Back, Baby!Feb-24-200405 years
12The Final Decision...But the Right One?Feb-18-200405 years
11Sing Again!Feb-17-200405 years
10Two Will Be Happy. Six Will Be Sad. Lots Will Be WatchingFeb-11-200405 years
9Sing!Feb-10-200405 years
887 - People Not Good Enough = 32 Finalists!Feb-04-200405 years
7You're Going to Hollywood! (for a Little Bit, at Least)Feb-03-200405 years
6The Road is to Hollywood! (is Paved with Broken Dreams and Asphalt)Feb-02-200405 years
5Mokolokilikilanilaki! It's Hawai'i!Jan-28-200405 years
4Finally! a Show About California!Jan-27-200405 years
3Night Three!Jan-21-200405 years
2The Journey Continues!Jan-20-200405 years
1First Show, First RecapJan-19-200405 years
239I Bet It'll be Ruben! or Clay!May-21-200305 years
38Clay v. RubenMay-20-200305 years
37Let's Learn About Ruben and Clay!May-19-200305 years
36Soon, There Will Be Two. Very Soon, In FactMay-14-200305 years
35Trifecta!May-13-200305 years
34Want to See a Magic Trick? Tonight Somebody Will Disappear!May-07-200305 years
33The Final Four is a Trademarked Term, So I Won't Use It as a Cliched TitleMay-06-200305 years
32Five Minus One Equals Four (and Other Simple Math)Apr-30-200305 years
31And Then There Were Five (a Title that Can be Used with Any Number)Apr-29-200305 years
30Six to the Five on A to the IApr-23-200305 years
29Six of One, Half Dozen of AnotherApr-21-200305 years
28American Idol Special: Halfway HomeApr-21-200305 years
27Top 6 PerformApr-22-200305 years
26Top 7 ResultsApr-16-200305 years
25Top 7 PerformApr-15-200305 years
24Top 8 ResultsApr-09-200305 years
23Top 8 PerformApr-08-200305 years
22Top 9 ResultsApr-02-200305 years
21Top 9 PerformApr-01-200305 years
20Top 10 ResultsMar-26-200305 years
19Top 10 PerformMar-25-200305 years
18Top 11 ResultsMar-19-200305 years
17Top 11 PerformMar-18-200305 years
16Top 12 ResultsMar-12-200305 years
15Top 12 PerformMar-11-200305 years
14Wildcard ResultsMar-05-200305 years
13Wildcard ShowMar-04-200305 years
12Top 32: Group 4 ResultsFeb-26-200305 years
11Top 32: Group 4Feb-25-200305 years
10Get Ready to See Two Happy People. And Six Unhappy Ones.Feb-19-200305 years
9Eight More Will Come Before Us…Feb-18-200305 years
8Oh, Who Will It Be?!Feb-12-200305 years
7Here We Go AgainFeb-11-200305 years
6Two to TangoFeb-05-200305 years
5Eight is Enough!Feb-04-200305 years
4Cut 'Em UpJan-29-200305 years
3One Last BatchJan-28-200305 years
2Part DeuxJan-22-200305 years
1Start It Up!Jan-21-200305 years
125EL FINALE!Sep-04-200205 years
24Showdown!Sep-03-200205 years
23Two MoreAug-28-200205 years
22Three Do TwoAug-27-200205 years
21What? Who? You're Sure now?Aug-21-200205 years
20Two for Each OneAug-20-200205 years
19RJ is Short for "Really Gone"Aug-14-200205 years
18Five Alive (and an Assortment of Other Bad Puns)Aug-13-200204 years
17Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!Aug-07-200205 years
16Jump, Jive and Fail!Aug-06-200205 years
15Ryan-ara!Jul-31-200205 years
14The Big Time!Jul-30-200205 years
13Clash of the Titanic EgosJul-24-200205 years
12Pride Goeth Before the ‘FroJul-23-200204 years
11Top 10 ResultsJul-17-200205 years
10Top 10 PerformJul-16-200205 years
9Wild!Jul-10-200205 years
8Judge Fight!Jul-03-200205 years
7The Bad, the Even Worse and the UglyJul-02-200204 years
6Six PackJun-26-200205 years
5Army of the MediocreJun-25-200204 years
4Dewey Defeats Truman!Jun-19-200205 years
3No Way Jim Moves On After That Performance. Right, Simon? Simon?Jun-18-200209 years
2Hollywood WeekJun-12-200204 years
1AuditionsJun-11-200204 years
014A New Journey BeginsFeb-24-201903 years
13The Search For A SuperstarOct-15-200203 years
12The Farewell SeasonDec-22-201503 years
11Adam Lambert Performances03 years
10Uncut, Uncensored Talent03 years
9Phenomenom Special03 years
8Final Five Special03 years
7Primetime: Fallen IdolMay-04-200503 years
6Idols In VegasSep-23-200203 years
5American Idol: Christmas SongsNov-25-200303 years
4American Idol Special: Halfway HomeApr-21-200303 years
3Where Are They NowJan-21-200303 years
2The Good, The Bad and the UglyFeb-19-200303 years
1American Idol Presents The World's Worst AuditionsMay-19-200503 years

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