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3rd Rock from the Sun

Sent to Earth to investigate civilization, an alien high commander and his quirky crew — military officer Sally, information expert Tommy and transmitter Harry — assume human identities to blend in. Although they possess superior intelligence, their navet about the human condition turns everyday events into farcical fun.

Genre: Comedy, Family, Science-Fiction

Release Date: January 9, 1996

Status: Ended

Network: NBC (Official Website)

Casts: John Lithgow, Kristen Johnston, French Stewart, Jane Curtin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Simbi Khali, Elmarie Wendel, Wayne Knight

Most recent episode: 3rd Rock from the Sun Season 6 Episode 20 - The Thing That Wouldn't Die: Part 2 ( 5/22/2001 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
620The Thing That Wouldn't Die: Part 2May-22-200101 day
19The Thing That Wouldn't Die: Part 1May-22-200101 day
18Mary Loves Scoochie: Part 2May-15-200101 day
17Mary Loves Scoochie: Part 1May-08-200101 day
16Dick Soup for the SoulMay-01-200101 day
15Glengarry Glen DickApr-17-200101 day
14My Mother, My DickFeb-20-200101 day
13You Don't Know DickFeb-13-200101 day
12Dick's ArkFeb-06-200101 day
11A Dick ReplacementJan-30-200101 day
10There's No Business Like Dick BusinessJan-16-200101 day
9Dick DigsJan-09-200101 day
8Red, White & DickDec-19-200001 day
7B.D.O.C.Dec-12-200001 day
6Why Dickie Can't TeachDec-05-200001 day
5Dick'll Take Manhattan: Part 2Nov-28-200001 day
4Dick'll Take Manhattan: Part 1Nov-21-200001 day
3IndickscretionNov-14-200001 day
2Fear and Loathing in RutherfordOct-31-200001 day
1Les Liaisons DickgereusesOct-24-200001 day
522The Big Giant Head Returns Again: Part 2May-23-200001 day
21The Big Giant Head Returns Again: Part 1May-23-200001 day
20Dick Solomon's Day OffMay-16-200001 day
19Frankie Goes to RutherfordMay-09-200001 day
18Dick and Harry Fall Down a HoleMay-02-200001 day
17Shall We Dick?Apr-18-200001 day
16Dick Strikes OutMar-28-200001 day
15Youth is Wasted on the DickMar-21-200001 day
14This Little Dick Goes to MarketMar-14-200001 day
13Rutherford BeautyFeb-22-200001 day
12The Big Giant Head ReturnsFeb-22-200001 day
11Dick Puts the Id in CupidFeb-08-200001 day
10Gwen, Larry, Dick and MaryJan-25-200001 day
9The Loud Solomon Family: A DickumentaryJan-11-200001 day
8Charitable DickDec-14-199901 day
7Sex and the SallyNov-30-199901 day
6Dick, Who's Coming to DinnerNov-23-199901 day
5Dick and TuckNov-16-199901 day
4Dial M for DickNov-09-199901 day
3The Fifth SolomonNov-02-199901 day
2Dick for TatSep-28-199901 day
1Episode I: the Baby Menace: Part 3Sep-21-199901 day
424Dick's Big Giant Headache: Part 2May-25-199901 day
23Dick's Big Giant Headache: Part 1May-25-199901 day
22Near Dick ExperienceMay-18-199901 day
21Dick vs. StrudwickMay-11-199901 day
20Alien HunterMay-04-199901 day
19Citizen SolomonApr-29-199901 day
18Dick the Mouth SolomonApr-06-199901 day
17Y2dicKMar-16-199901 day
16Superstitious DickMar-02-199901 day
15The House That Dick BuiltFeb-23-199901 day
14Paranoid DickFeb-16-199901 day
13Sally ForthFeb-09-199901 day
12Dick and TaxesFeb-02-199901 day
11Dick Solomon of the Indiana SolomonsJan-12-199901 day
10Two-Faced DickJan-05-199901 day
9Happy New Dick!Dec-15-199801 day
8Indecent DickDec-09-199801 day
7D3: Judgement DayNov-11-199801 day
6I Am Dick Pentameter!Nov-04-199801 day
5What's Love Got to Do, Got to Do with Dick?Oct-28-199801 day
4Collect Call for DickOct-21-199801 day
3Feelin' AlbrightOct-14-199801 day
2Power Mad DickOct-07-199801 day
1Dr. Solomon's Traveling Alien Show: Part 2Sep-23-199801 day
327Eat, Drink, Mary: Part 1May-20-199811 day
26The Tooth HarryMay-20-199811 day
25When Aliens CampMay-13-199811 day
24Sally and Don's First KissMay-06-199811 day
23Dick and the Other Guy: Part 2Apr-28-199811 day
22Just Your Average Dick: Part 1Apr-28-199811 day
21The Physics of Being DickApr-15-199811 day
20My Daddy's Little GirlApr-01-199811 day
19Portrait of Tommy as an Old ManFeb-25-199811 day
18Stuck with DickFeb-25-199811 day
17Auto EuroDickaFeb-04-199811 day
16Pickles and Ice CreamJan-28-199811 day
1536! 24! 36! Dick!: Part 2Jan-25-199811 day
1436! 24! 36! Dick!: Part 1Jan-25-199811 day
13The Great DickdaterJan-21-199811 day
12Dick on a RollJan-07-199811 day
11Jailhouse DickDec-17-199711 day
10Tom, Dick and MaryDec-03-199711 day
9Seven Deadly ClipsDec-03-199711 day
8A Friend in DickNov-19-199711 day
7Eleven Angry Men and One DickNov-12-199711 day
6Moby DickNov-05-199711 day
5Scaredy DickOct-29-199711 day
4Dick-In-LawOct-15-199711 day
3Tricky DickOct-08-199711 day
2Fun with Dick and Janet: Part 2Sep-24-199711 day
1Fun with Dick and Janet: Part 1Sep-24-199711 day
226A Nightmare on Dick Street: Part 2May-18-199701 day
25A Nightmare on Dick Street: Part 1May-18-199701 day
23Fifteen Minutes of DickMay-11-199711 day
22Will Work for DickMay-04-199711 day
21Sensitive DickApr-27-199711 day
20DickmalionApr-13-199711 day
19Dick Behaving BadlyMar-23-199711 day
18I Brake for DickMar-16-199711 day
17Same Old Song and DickMar-09-199711 day
16Dick on One KneeFeb-16-199711 day
15Guilty as DickFeb-02-199711 day
14Romeo & Juliet & DickJan-12-199711 day
13Proud DickJan-05-199711 day
12Jolly Old St. DickDec-15-199611 day
11Dick JokesDec-08-199611 day
10Gobble, Gobble, Dick, DickNov-24-199611 day
9My Mother the AlienNov-17-199611 day
8World's Greatest DickNov-10-199611 day
7Fourth and DickNov-03-199611 day
6Dick the VoteOct-27-199611 day
5Much Ado About DickOct-13-199611 day
4Big Angry Virgin from Outer SpaceOct-06-199611 day
2See Dick Continue to Run, Continued: Part 3Sep-22-199611 day
1See Dick Continue to Run: Part 2Sep-22-199611 day
120See Dick Run: Part 1May-21-199611 day
19Selfish DickMay-14-199611 day
18Father Knows DickMay-07-199611 day
17Assault with a Deadly DickApr-30-199611 day
16Dick Like MeApr-23-199611 day
15I Enjoy Being a DickApr-21-199611 day
14The Dicks They Are A-Changin'Apr-09-199611 day
13Angry DickApr-02-199611 day
12Frozen DickMar-26-199611 day
11The Art of DickMar-19-199611 day
10Truth or DickMar-12-199611 day
9Ab-Dick-tedMar-04-199611 day
8Body & Soul & DickFeb-27-199611 day
7Lonely DickFeb-20-199611 day
6Green-Eyed DickFeb-13-199611 day
5Dick, SmokerFeb-06-199611 day
4Dick is from Mars, Sally is from VenusJan-30-199611 day
3Dick's First BirthdayJan-23-199611 day
2Post Nasal DickJan-16-199611 day
1Brains and EggsJan-09-199611 day

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