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Whitney Houston’s Husband Bobby Brown Might Never See Her Daughter Again!

Bobby Brown Fighting To See His Daughter Bobbi Kristina BrownIt’s been three days now since the death of Grammy Award winner and Pop Star Whitney Houston and it seems like she’s not alone on this one! We have here the ex-husband of Whitney, Bobby Brown who hasn’t seen his daughter for almost three days now and that it is said that He might never see her again! To tell you the truth, this is kind of odd for a father getting prohibited on seeing her daughter for the fact that Whitney’s mom here, Cissy Houston dislikes him and or the fact that Bobbi will be with his dad during these mourning times!

We have here some inside information about it and said that Bobby Brown went back to Los Angeles after hearing that his daughter Bobbi had been running back and forth in the hospital because of stress related issues. But right now, after all the effort that He had made, Cissy Houston still stands on her decision to not let Bobbi here meet his father and or have contact with him. This is not Bobby’s fault! He made a lot of attempts to have contact and or meet his daughter but it was all but a failed attempt.

There’s this news that Whitney Houston’s family including friends and close related members we’re both said to have turned down Bobby not giving him any opportunity or whatsoever to make contact with his daughter and or give him any inside information about the family. If you still don’t know the reason behind this, then let me tell you that it started a long time ago. According to some info, Whitney’s mom here, Cissy has hated him from before up until now.

Right now, Bobby Brown still seeks some advice on what to do about this and that He might actually seek some legal advice to see his daughter! With regards to his feeling about Whitney’s mom, He told the press that he’s angry and putting the blame all to Whitney’s mom.


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