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Kim Kardashia And the Inside Scoop Of Her Personal Life

Kim KardashianThere’s this hundreds of rumors when it comes to Kim Kardashian seeing some really cute and somewhat hot guys both in the NBA and in the Football field. I don’t really have the inside scoop on this, but I believe that she’s quite the girl who’s definitely going to catch some really big fish who both have the money and the look. This is quite odd since we all know that her marriage with her ex-husband Kris Humphries didn’t go well as expected.

I’m pretty sure that you are all but thinking quite a lot on this one! No one actually knows what’s going to happen nor what to expect of her since she is quite the odd type who’s just waiting for some rich guy to approach her and that she’s going to somewhat weigh things both in cold cash and maybe love. Right now, the big news is that she is saying and rumored to have been secretly dating a football player under the name of Mark Sanchez and other regular and big time dudes in the football industry like Tim Tebow and Reggie Bush.

I don’t know if you guys have noticed it or not, but these guys were actually one of the many top notching and famous stars in football. But before you all get excited, let me tell you that the said rumors we’re but not true and that there’s no way it’s going to happen! Kim Kardashian here from the popular show online called “Keeping Up With theKardashian” is said to have had promised and made a vow to never date anyone in the NBA and or in the football ever which of course made puts her in a position to whether or not meet possible husband in the field of swimming, baseball, hockey and golf! Who know,s the next one might be Tiger Woods.


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